Retreat Services

Support for Small Groups, Facilitators, Dharma Teachers, and Mindfulness Instrcutors

Are you thinking of offering online retreats, classes or workshops?

I am a long time nonprofit consultant with in depth knowledge of  Mindfulness, Nonprofit Tech, Events Management and Writing/Communications. I worked for nearly a decade as a Retreat Manager at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, trained to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Qigong, and graduated from Spirit Rock’s two year Dedicated Practitioner’s Program.

I can offer you the support and infrastructure to set up your retreat or workshop container so you can run your retreat without getting bogged down by the details. I offer a “full service” package including:


Retreat Management

Accounts Management

Tech/Recording Support



I also lead sits, offer guided meditation sessions, and lead qigong sessions.

Reasonable fee for service rates and, if appropriate, am open to donation/dana based payment arrangements.

Facilitators and Teachers
Solo and Small Group Retreats
Support for Dharma and Mindfulness, (yoga, qigong) and other Teachers Support for Individuals or small groups that want to retreat together
Remote Support for: Daylongs, Weekly, Monthly, multi-day, Programs

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Remote Retreat Support* – Book Kerry

(What is this?) Start and End your retreat. Guidance/Check in

Mindful Coaching Sessions

Join Weekly Meditation

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full retreat service:outreach, registration, “office” help, tech, recordings/edits, zoom, event planning, accounts and payments, communications, participant support, meditation tools, evaluation, etc. *Self retreat support: Start/End of Retreat Day check in; Guided sits; bell ringing, meal delivery, advice. $50/hour, zoom/conf call

Do you want to offer an online meditation/mindfulness retreat or program but want some back up help?

Think of me as a remote Retreat Center for dharma teachers, MBSR, and similar.

I offer a comprehensive suite of services and tools.

Set up an “unplugged” retreat environment for your plugged in retreat.

Background: I offer years of experience:  also trained as a coach with Coaches Training Institute.

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I can help you:

  1. Zoom Meetings, FreeConferenceCall Meetnigs
  2. Registration Management (I have a toolkit)
  3. Retreat day(s) support
  4. Retreat Accounts
  5. individualized support for you and your participant
  6. Manage recordings, including uploads, edits, repository.


  1. Your Remote Retreat Center

What would it take to do this well?

I offer a smorgasborde of remote retreat management services for daylongs, weeklongs and the like. Currently I work with several Retreat  etc.As a retreat manager I

  • administrative, technical and AV support to teaching teams; recorded, edited, uploaded talks.
  • Orientation and Guidance
  • Support for those with special needs/concerns