The Checklist

  • Clean up your meditation space the day before your retreat beings. You want to enjoy the space you will be occupying. Make it aesthetically pleasing.
  • The Schedule
  • Write Down Your Retreat Parameters (see Design your Retreat)
  • Prepare food for the day so you don’t have to focus to much on deciding what to eat and drink.
  • Cover and/or turn off distracting devices (If you must keep one on for timed meditations, keep in Airplane Mode). You don’t want to upset your retreat.
  • Set up a Vacation Message if you think it’s necessary for your own peace of mind.
  • Light a candle at the start of your retreat and blow it out at the end. It’s a great way or remembering you are on retreat. Alternatively, place out a stone, or vace of flowers, or another meaningful object  that will be an appropriate reminder for you that you are on retreat.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and have enough blankets and other supports. You’re creating a nest that for the day, make it a nice one.